Conditioning Tower

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The Fives' Gas Conditioning Tower is a vertical evaporative cooling tower designed to reduce gas temperatures for thermal processes to a lower temperature, required for downstream process purposes or emission control.

Gases from the process will be ducted to the Gas Conditioning Tower, which features a gas distribution device near the top inlet. After the flue gas has been distributed inside the evaporative cooling tower vessel, it will be contacted with water droplets, injected co-current with the gas. The droplets, generated by dual-fluid spray nozzles, are evaporated by the hot flue gas as the droplets descend through the vessel, thereby quenching and cooling the flue gas.


  • High efficiency and fast evaporation time due to very water droplets
  • CFD simulation assist in process design
  • Optimized energy costs and reduced tower size
  • Completely dry outlet gas
  • Customized to meet each application requirements