Selective Non Catalytic Reduction

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Reduction of NOx by urea or ammonia occurs naturally at 850-1100°C. This reaction can be performed at the gooseneck where the temperature is suitable. Injection of ammonia or urea in the riser duct and gooseneck is called SNCR as Selective Non Catalytic Reduction.

Installation of an efficient SNCR requires know-how and practice. Indeed, the right reagent and the right dosage are to be chosen, but also the injection points, temperature gas composition and residence time are just as important.

Fives SNCR solution provides a storage for ammonia/urea, dosing equipment and injection lances together with Fives expertise to perform a long term efficient NOx reduction.


  • Tailor-made solution
  • Consideration of the process conditions (fuel mix, temperature changes, precalciner and gooseneck specificities)
  • Limited footprint
  • Low Capex