SOx Control Solutions

Acid pollutants such as SO2 and HCl can have major impact on human health, even at low concentration. Condensation of acids in the atmosphere leads to acid rains. Now most countries apply SOx regulations to bring industries on the way to emissions reduction. In a cement burning line, SOx come either from the raw mill (pyritic sulfur) or from the combustion fuel. Although most of the emitted Sulphur is absorbed by limestone and quicklime within the burning process, some emissions can still occur at the stack and must be taken down.

SOx final removal can be achieved by using hydrated lime. Dosing and injecting the right quantity at the right point is part of Fives know-how.
Fives addresses every step of the SOx path through the process and designs the best removal solution depending on process conditions and plant configuration, while considering the following key factors:

  • mill on / mill off conditions
  • fuel mix conditions
  • SOx cycles within the process
  • Gaz temperature and composition through the process (from kiln to stack)
  • Bypass system
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Dry Sorbent Injection

All-Dry™ (AD)