NOx Control Solutions

NOx emissions in cement plants are mainly made of NO emissions and very few NO2 emissions. Two kind of NOx are produced during pyroprocess operations: "thermal NOx" resulting from high temperature and air excess at the burner and "fuel NOx"coming from the nitrogen present in the fuel at the precalciner's level.

As a process expert, Fives designs the right solution for NOx control and reduction, combining primary technologies such as low-NOx burners and precalciners to limit NOx generation and secondary technologies such as selective catalytic or non catalytic reduction to reduce NOx levels.

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Selective non catalytic reduction


R SCR Open 01 web-FIVES

Selective Catalytic Reduction


dust-collector bag-filter baghouse dry-scrubber fgd desulfurization NOx-control hot-filtration particulates-removal emission flue-gas-cleaning Chlorines Acid-gas SO3 SO2 HCl Heavy-metals raw-mill grinding cement-3D-FIVES

AD-NOx™ Solution


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EAD-NOx™ Solution


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Low NOx precalciners

FCB Zero-NOx Preca

Cement Fives Pillard novaflam 2-FIVES

Low NOx burners

Pillard NovaFlam®